Chicken Parmesan and I


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I have decided to set out on an adventure to learn how to cook chicken parmesan chicken because for the last eight years or so Tuesday nights has been chicken parmesan night. But it wasn’t always chicken parmesan night, for about the first nine years of my life Tuesday nights were Spaghetti nights because it was a tradition that my grandma started many years ago and my mom wanted to continue the tradition with her family. So, every Tuesday night we would sit around the dinner table and devour enormous amounts of delicious pasta and garlic bread, while sharing hilarious stories about the days events.


(I am on the left, my mom is in the back-middle, my brother Aaron is in the front-middle, and my dad is on the right.)

Coincidentally, I would go to school the next day feeling nauseous. So, I would ask my teacher if I could call my mom to take me home. When the calls home persisted for a few weeks, my mom and teacher were convinced that I was faking and forced me to stay at school. After I continued to complain about feeling sick, even after they forced me to stay, my mom began to think maybe I wasn’t lying. She thought that it could be the spaghetti, we ate the previous night, that was making sick. And that I might be suffering from the same low blood sugar problems that she has and the spaghetti has too much carbohydrates for my body to handle. To test her theory she decided to cook me plain chicken and a salad, the following Tuesday night. It was like magic, I wasn’t feeling queasy anymore and most importantly I wasn’t asking to go home. But, feeling better had a price, no more spaghetti night. I wasn’t happy that everyone else got to indulge in the delicious spaghetti without me. So my mom decided to come up with different Italian dishes for me, that didn’t involve a lot of pasta. But I usually ended up eating some sort of bland chicken with a smattering of marinara sauce on top. Smelling the delicious spaghetti, I began to feel left out because I was eating a very bland meal alone, while everyone else was enjoying a delectable, flavorful meal.


The photo is from this website

Then, a couple years later we went to an Italian restaurant for my brother’s birthday and I ordered chicken parmesan. It was a breath of fresh air, an Italian meal that was filled with flavor and didn’t even make me feel sick. So, the following Tuesday my mom decided to be adventurous and make it for dinner and I finally felt like part of the family again. I, once again, got to partake in spaghetti Tuesday, which was renamed chicken parmesan Tuesday. For me, chicken parmesan isn’t just delicious Italian food, it is the meal that brought my family and I back together for Tuesday night dinners. Now I am excited to carry on this very important tradition, by attempting to cook it myself for my family.